Husmor Lisa arbetar med lokala småskaliga producenter

Book a table the summer of 2019

The restaurant is open from 4 PM until 11 PM. We offer five course home grown menu for SEK 1195 plus natural beverage packages of different selections. We can handle most dietary restrictions except vegan as our food philosophy is working with home made and local dairy. We are open for bookings on the following dates:

Friday 5th of July and Saturday 6th of July

Monday the 15th of July, Tuesday 16th of July and Wednesday the 17th of July

Saturday the 3rd of August

Saturday the 10th of August

Saturday the 17th of August

Saturday the 24th of August

Make your reservation on e-mail at or on SMS+46 70 200 94 14.

Please accept that this is a small restaurant in our home. Cancellations are hard for us, also last minute requests. We accept payment by cash or most credit cards (we accept American Express). Please observe that if we get less than 4 reservations on a date, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation.

You can always book groups of more than 5 people on other dates, just check with us.

Welcome to Husmor Lisa Fine Home Dining

Seasonal menu

Husmor Lisa Fine Home Dining works with local small scale farmers as well as the forest outside, and the gifts of our own wild garden. We are a sustainable kitchen with natural methods and ingredients, using most of the product in our cooking –  we respect nature’s processes and the natural life circle for both garden, greens and farmers, just like my mother and my grandmother taught me. Every plate will look a bit different as we use the whole plant and all parts. You eat in our beautiful villa dining room with a view over the Stockholm inner archipelargo, on our family’s inherited table settings.

You eat a five course dinner for SEK 1 195. Please give your dietary restrictions when booking your dinner. Sorry but we cannot cook vegan dishes as our philosophy of cooking rests on traditional home made diary to a great extent. Our meat comes from farmers who respect the animals natural behaviors and food.

Most food except bread and dessert cakes are cooked without nuts or gluten.

  • 5 RÄTTER 1 195

    Beverage package Exclusive 720 - Classic 590 or Home made, non alcoholic 450

    1 195

Children’s menu

We offer children’s menu. Try Husmor Lisa’s famous minute cooked pan cakes and home made jam. We can also offer Swedish meatballs and new potatoes, as well as Mama Lisa’s spaghetti.

  • Lisa's pancakes cooked instantly to your kids, with Lisa's jam

    40 each
  • Mama Lisa's Swedish meatballs with new potatoes, lingonberries and sauce

  • Today's steamed fish and new potatoes

    SEK 120
  • Vanilla ice cream with jam or chocolate sauce, meringue

    SEK 40

Husmor Lisa’s Hide Away dinner – rent the whole restaurant for your group or conference

You and your team/family can also rent the restaurant for a conference or a dinner. Our house is located at Resarö, 35 minutes travel by car from Stockholm, or one hour by traditional archipelargo boat, arrive at our pont directly to the garden. We can arrange cooking activities. Please note that your conference will be in the dining room with low tech – but we offer beautiful view outside. A SLOW FOOD CONFERENCE. Max 12 people for cooking activities or conferences. Max 24 people for dinners.ädgårdsstudio or send an email to

Phone + 46 70 200 94 14.

Underbar mat i lugn miljö. En speciell upplevelse där Lisa lagar maten av lokala råvaror . Det här är inte som att gå på restaurang.
Fantastisk mat i fantastisk miljö. Husmor Lisa levererar gång efter gång. Vilka smaker och allt är närodlat vilket höjer denna pärla ytterligare ett snäpp.

À La Carte – children’s menu

  • Lisa’s pancakes with blueberry/raspberry jam

    40 kr each
  • Local sausages, potatoes, ketchup

    70 kr
  • Steamed fish, potatoes, and sauce

    70 kr
  • Icecream & home made jam, merengue

    40 kr